Material Safety Data Sheet
Drackett Products -- Windex Glass Cleaner Blue - Retail

NSN: 793000F040924
Manufacturer's CAGE: 85234
Part No. Indicator: A
Part Number/Trade Name: Windex Glass Cleaner Blue - Retail

General Information

Company's Name: Drackett Products Co
Company's Street: 8600 Governors Hill Rd Ste 300
Company's City: Cincinnati
Company's State: OH
Company's Country: USA
Company's Zip Code: 45249-5000
Company's Emerg Ph #: 513-583-3900/800-242-1677
Company's Info Ph #: 513-583-3900/800-242-1677
Record No. For Safety Entry: 001
Tot Safety Entries This Stk#: 001
Status: SE
Date MSDS Prepared: 22 Apr 92
Safety Data Review Date: 12 Jul 95
Preparer's Company: Drackett Products Co
Company's St Or P.O. Box: 8600 Governors Hill Rd Ste 300
Company's City: Cincinnati
Company's State: OH
Company's Zip Code: 45249-5000
MSDS Serial Number: BXMRC

Ingredients/Identity Information

Proprietary: No
Ingredient: Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol), 2-propanol, dimethyl carbinol
Ingredient Sequence Number: 01
Percent: <3
NIOSH (RTECS) Number: NT8050000
CAS Number: 67-63-0
Other Recommended Limit: 400 PPM
Proprietary: No
Ingredient: 2-butoxyethanol (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether), butyl cellosolve, butyl glycol, glycol ether eb
Ingredient Sequence Number: 02
Percent: <2
NIOSH (RTECS) Number: KJ8575000
CAS Number: 111-76-2
OSHA PEL: 50 PPM (skin)
ACGIH TLV: 25 PPM (skin)
Other Recommended Limit: 25 PPM (skin)

Physical/Chemical Characteristics

Appearance And Odor: Clear blue liquid w/slight ammonia odor.
Boiling Point: 212 F
Vapor Pressure (MM Hg/70 F): 17.6
Vapor Density (Air=1): 1.2
Specific Gravity: 0.99
Evaporation Rate And Ref: (BU AC =1): 0.3
Solubility In Water: Complete
pH: 11

Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point: 129 F
Flash Point Method: SCC
Extinguishing Media: Use water, dry alcohol-type/all purpose foam, dry chemical, CO2/other Class B extinguishing agents.
Special Fire Fighting Proc: Wear full protective equipment including pressure demand self contained breathing apparatus & turnout equipment.
Unusual Fire And Expl Hazrds: Combustible. Keep away from heat & flames.

Reactivity Data

Stability: Yes
Cond To Avoid (Stability): Heat, flames
Hazardous Poly Occur: No

Health Hazard Data

Route Of Entry - Inhalation: No
Route Of Entry - Skin: No
Route Of Entry - Ingestion: No
Health Haz Acute And Chronic: Eyes: Irritation.
Carcinogenicity - NTP: No
Carcinogenicity - IARC: No
Carcinogenicity - OSHA: No
Explanation Carcinogenicity: None
Signs/Symptoms Of Overexp: Sensation of irritation.
Emergency/First Aid Proc: Eyes/skin: Flush w/water. Ingestion: Drink milk/water freely. Obtain medical attention in all cases.

Precautions for Safe Handling and Use

Steps If Matl Released/Spill: Flush area w/water. Keep out of watersheds & water systems.
Waste Disposal Method: Disposal must be in accordance with Federal, state and local regulations.
Precautions-Handling/Storing: Unplug electrical appliances before using product on them.

Control Measures

Transportation Data

Disposal Data

Label Data

Label Required: Yes
Label Status: G
Common Name: Windex Glass Cleaner Blue - Retail
Special Hazard Precautions: Eyes: Irritation. Sensation of irritation.
Label Name: Drackett Products Co
Label Street: 8600 Governors Hill Rd Ste 300
Label City: Cincinnati
Label State: OH
Label Zip Code: 45249-5000
Label Country: USA
Label Emergency Number: 513-583-3900/800-242-1677