the Chemistry Licensed Software Servers


The Chemistry Department at Iowa State University has licensed various various software applications and has made them available for students and staff to use on the department software server farm, known as Connections to the servers in this farm are made using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client. Following a successful connection you will login using your IASTATE username and password then run the licensed applications from your office, dorm room, home or any other location which allows you network access.

Connecting from an off campus location

This service is restricted to on campus computers and off campus computers with a VPN connection to the campus. For information about making a VPN connection to campus refer to Iowa State Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When will my access end?

You will lose access automatically when you no longer belong to one of the groups that give you access to the server. For Iowa State students this would be as a result of graduation or withdrawing from Iowa State. Your access will actually end when the group membership files are automatically updated. It is your responsibility to manage your files so they are stored in locations that you will have access to after your server access ends. Cleanup processes will automatically remove directories for users who no longer have access to the server.

Software Currently Available

The following software is currently available on this server.